This is a place to share and learn useful tips on how to help your loved one remain independent

and safe in their own Home. Please share your thoughts with us.

We learn from our Clients more than they learn from us. 

We are always grateful for new lessons and perspectives,

and we share your thoughts with others, so their loved ones can benefit from your wisdom. 

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to our Clients, Patients and Friends of Jewish faith! Ask Elisa to arrange a Free, In-Home Needs Assessment visit today Call 503-943-9313 We are On-Call 24/7 CareDesk@EliteEldercarePDX.com Request More Information facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Ask...

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From Mom with Custom-Made Love

From Mom with Custom-Made Love

Move over Thanksgiving… Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are coming.  We always seek for ways to insert a little love and improve the quality of life of your aging loved ones and their Caregiver. With that and the approaching holidays in mind, let’s encourage Mom to...

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How Does Mom Like Her Apples?

How Does Mom Like Her Apples?

We hope Mom and her Caregiver, during their last visit to the apple orchard or a local farmer’s market, gathered a lot of delicious, crispy apples. Apples are a favorite fruit of millions of Seniors. They are tasty, filled with hundreds of nutrients, vitamins and...

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Elite Eldercare PDX is lead by Elisa, who is  a very capable Care Manager. Elisa is a breath of fresh air. She is eager to serve and please every Client. What a pleasure it was working with her and seeing her attention to even the smallest of details. Elisa is someone who is trustworthy. She is a Godly woman who looks out for her Clients’ best interest.  

Olena L.